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3 replacements for Phoenix Suns if Chris Paul left in free agency

Mike Conley Jr.,

Cameron Payne Cameron Payne has been a revelation for the Phoenix Suns. His path back to the NBA was a windy one, as he played in China and the G League before the Suns signed him to play in the Orlando Bubble.

Payne played well in the bubble, and the Suns picked up the second-year option on his deal. He played well again and really stepped up in the postseason when Chris Paul was hampered.

Fred VanVleet

The one true knock against Chris Paul is his age. He turned 36-years old this season and Father Time is undefeated. While his impact was certainly felt, it may not be the worst thing if the Suns acquire a point guard closer to the timeline of the rest of the roster, and Fred VanVleet would present that.

Trading for a player such as VanVleet is dependent on what the Toronto Raptors decided to do this offseason. If they decide to reload and make a playoff push, VanVleet would certainly be off the table. But, if they opt to begin a rebuild, VanVleet could be had in a trade.

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