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Boston's Poetic Killa Drops Anthem-Style Single, "Stand Up"

If you're a real one, then "Stand Up" with Boston's very own Poetic Killa. The anthem-style single is out now on all streaming platforms. The dramatic, gritty production hits hard and intensifies Killa's raw energy and lyrical flow. He holds no punches and displays truths derived from the school of hard knocks. “My names heavy it holds weight/ Murder murder my aim steady a cold case/ The fame’s deadly it ain’t get me like OJ/ Look at y’all still stuck in your own ways.”

Killa is transparent throughout the single and proclaims it isn't for everyone, it's for real ones who are on another level like him as well as cut from a different cloth. If you fit that bill then stand up, put your hands up, and hit that repeat button. Stream the single here on preferred platforms and below.

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