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Draco Is 'Lost in Wonderland' Double Time

Acclaimed Philly-based Hip Hop artist Draco releases his new album 'Lost in Wonderland.' The project is available for pre-order while 'Lost in Wonderland: B Side' is out now exclusively on Bandcamp. Both projects include a diverse selection of talent including 3T3N, Con-Crete, GloomRap, Magick, Phr0zen, TheGrimLife, The Sheriff, and Tray Digga. Draco also enlisted BoFaat, Bank Hard Beats, Crossworm, Durdy, Fiasco Andretti, SaruOnDaBeat, SickTanick, Spion Liape, Sprite Beatz, and Steve Sxaks on production.

'Lost in Wonderland' is a collection of classic and new tracks curated into one album. Listeners prepare for an intense ride delivered in signature Draco style!

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