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Edurk Black Pablo Won't Let The Streets "Tear Me Down" (Video)

Edurk Black Pablo along with Awol G.Code Promotions announce the release of "Tear Me Down." The single/video features T. Rell and Ziggy Zig Zag with Pablo and Frank G on production. We all know the mantra when it comes to the streets, the outcome results in prison or death. Using cut-throat lyrics Pablo and his crew drop minutes of crucial knowledge about the street life. Get out while you can and before the streets swallow you up. Watch "Tear Me Down" and connect with reality rap artist Edurk Black Pablo below.

Connect with Edurk Black Pablo


Facebook: Edurk Black Pablo

Tiktok: edurkblackpablo

Head over to Awol-G.Code Promotions on YouTube and hit that subscribe button

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