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Coi Leray Laughs Off Erica Banks's Claim That Nicki Minaj Only Works With "Girls Who Can't Rap"

Coi Leray laughed off Erica Banks's recent comment about rappers who work with Nicki Minaj, in which she claimed the Queens rapper only works with "girls who really can't rap." Leray and Minaj collaborated on the new single “Blick Blick."

“I love Nicki,” Banks began. “But I just felt like, I been trying to reach out to her for a long time but I felt like she kinda ignores me and she entertains girls who really can’t rap.”

“I agree that Nicki kinda fuck with the girls who can’t really rap, when you got the girls over here (herself) who really do,” Banks declared. “Now, some people might get mad at me for saying that, but it’s the truth. Everybody can’t rap.”

Leray replied to the tweet with a series of laughing emojis. This is getting real in the field

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