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Kanye West Finds Fake Worker On Payroll, Chrissy Teigen Replies

West took to Twitter to ask his followers for help in identifying the mysterious Lauren Greenfield, who was listed as a music consultant. "Has anyone ever heard of this person? I just found a fake employee on my payroll!!!" he told his 31 million followers in a since-deleted message on the social media platform.

Teigen jumped in on the topic to share her own cluelessness over the dilemma in true Teigen fashion. Utilizing a GIF of her sitting and crouching away from the camera lens at an award show with John Legend, the Cravings author’s sentiment was crystal clear. Now, the two-run in the same circle due to Legend, but haven’t been hanging out in light of West’s strong political views. Nonetheless, it's nice to see Teigen share a playful sentiment with the rapper.

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