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LTtheMonk Releases 'On The Wall' Album

Hamilton-based London rapper LTtheMonk releases his highly anticipated album titled 'On The Wall.' The 10-track album, through Canadian label Sonic Unyon Records includes the singles "Dark Italians", "DeVante", and "2 Days in Brooklyn." The album serves as a concept one referencing Spike Lee's Do The Right Thing and Michael Jackson's Off The Wall.

"This album represents my ‘Start With Why’ moment, as it's my first album as a signed artist in the music industry, and with it, I want to show my love for music, and to declare my purpose of one day being on the Walls of Fame for Pop Music, Black Music, Art + Culture, and Hip-Hop. I’ve been inspired by two of the greats on this project, Spike Lee and Michael Jackson, and I want to continue to study the greats, and one day become even greater!"

Twitter: @LTtheMonk

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