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Super Gang Charged in Series of Deadly NYC Shootings

Be safe out here

Seventeen suspected members of three different rival gangs who merged to form one super gang known as YPF, are facing a litany of charges -- a total of 118 counts -- after being arrested and variously charged in two indictments with conspiracy to commit murder, possession of weapons and other crimes in connection to shootings that resulted in 14 victims, including four who died.

Brooklyn District Attorney Eric Gonzalez announced the mass arrests Tuesday face charges in connection to various incidents including a shooting inside a bodega on New Lots Avenue, a house party in Crown Heights, and an incident at MetroTech plaza.

In the MetroTech incident — which took place in broad daylight — security cameras show people running for their lives when gunfire rang out. An NYU student was shot in the arm. This story is ongoing but arrest has been made and more are coming

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