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"Surviving R. Kelly" Part 2 Surviving Trey Songz

Rory Farrell labeled Trey Songz "the scum of the f*cking Earth" and compared him to R. Kelly.

Rory Farrell, of the Rory & Mal podcast, called out Trey Songz during a recent live stream on Instagram, saying that a documentary on his behavior with women would be "crazier" than the 2019 Lifetime documentary Surviving R. Kelly.

“In 15 years or however the fuck long it’s gonna be, that Trey Songz doc is gonna be crazier than the R. Kelly one,” he said in a recent Instagram Live video. “Trey Songz is one of the nastiest, abusive, rapey, beat the shit outta women — like, he is the scum of the fucking Earth. Trey Songz is fucking disgusting. His doc is going to surpass — if you ever thought you could surpass an R. Kelly doc, I promise you in 15 years, his doc will. He’s an awful human being. Like, a terrible, terrible fucking human being. And somebody is gonna knock him the fuck out.”

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