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Terry Crews Says You're Not "Officially Black & Successful" Until You've Been Called A "C**n"

The social media discussion of Kanye West prompted Terry Crews to weigh in with his thoughts and people were quick to call out the actor for his remarks.

After Kanye West tweeted, "I have the utmost respect for all brothers ... we need to link and respect each other... no more dissing each other on labels we don’t own," a Twitter user responded that there would be an "incoming" from "Black twitter calling you the C-word just like they did with terry crews." Back in July, Crews gave his acronym for the "c**n" and later, Rick Ross dissed Crews on the track "Pinned to the Cross" by calling the actor the racial slur.

According to Terry Crews, you haven't made it until you've been called a "c**n," per his response to the Twitter user. "You are not officially Black and successful until they do," he replied. Of course, he received backlash once again. Check out the tweets below.

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