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The CEO of the West Coast Takes Over Entertainment (News)

The CEO Of The West Coast is taking the Hip Hop and entertainment industry by storm. Some have compared him to a cross between Charlie Sheen, Howard Stern, and Eminem, or if the 90s and early 2000s MTV was a person.

One Of The First “Viral Stars” back in MySpace days, he is also a hometown hero of Lodi California with a burger named after him “The CEO Burger.” Although related to Eminem, he found his own way into the industry without coat-tailing or piggybacking.

CEO has worked with C-B, Rappin 4-Tray, Clyde Carson, Ren Da Heatmonsta, J. Stalin, Kokane, Shade 45’s Rude Jude, Sacramento Kings’ DJ Eddie Z, E-Roc of Trick Trick’s Smoke Gang, the Late Saint Dog, Stoner Jordan, Black Market Records, and countless others. His career in radio began on News on the Streets on AZTV 7 and Turnt Up! TV on MyTV 26 Modesto (returning next year on Amazon Prime), and now The CEO Show on Sirius XM which is taking over the scene worldwide in over 60 countries.

Fun fact; The CEO of the West Coast is also known for his comedic sets, politically incorrect humor and views, outspoken opinions against PC culture, Cancel culture, the war on drugs, and even skinny jeans.

Connect with The CEO of the West Coast below.

The CEO Show

Instagram @The_CEO_Official

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