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Tom Brady sounds off on adding 17th regular-season game: 'Yall have lost your damn minds'

"I think it's pointless. I thought it was a terrible decision. So, I don't like the fact that we're playing a 17th game at all. I think 16 is plenty. You're eight games into the year and you're not halfway through, so that's kind of a little frustration aspect. Whatever. We'll play it. It's there.

"A lot of guys probably miss games over the course of the season anyway, so they probably don't play all 16, most guys. But if you're fortunate to be able to make it through a season and you gotta play the 17th game, I think there are a lot of things that I would adjust to the offseason, the regular season schedule. A lot of people know my feelings on some of these topics. I've been pretty vocal about NFL issues over the last couple years, and some of the things that are done that I don't necessarily think are in the best interest of the game."

Tom Brady urges players to take a stronger stance against owners

Brady made similar comments during the podcast, saying he believes the union needs to be stronger when negotiating with team owners.

"Our union hasn't proven that it's strong enough to withstand the pressure from NFL owners. I would love to see a stronger union so that we could negotiate something that's more fair, and what's really right for the owners, for the coaches and the players. All three groups need different things. If you're going to ask more, then you better provide more. That hasn't been the way the negotiations have gone."

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