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Trapp Glizzy Preparing For A Music Takeover

Trapp Glizzy, an up-and-coming indie artist hailing from South Carolina is no slouch when it comes to that 24/7 hustle and grind. Between taking care of his family and making major moves for himself and his team to get signed to TrappStarENT, his next foot forward is bigger than the last. Listeners can embrace his drive in his latest singles "Flight Risk" and "Booby Miles" where Glizzy declares he will become a household name in the music industry and continue to expand his fanbase. Get to know more about Trapp Glizzy below on Social Media.

Instagram: @trappglizzysc

Instagram: @trappglizzyfan

Twitter: @BurGCounTyBoii

Facebook: Trappstar Brunson

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