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Antonio Brown Allegedly Paid For A Fake Vaccine Card

If you got dirt on you just pay up.

Antonio Brown has been known to get into some controversies over the past few years, however, in recent months, he has been on the quieter side of things. The Tampa Bay Buccaneers wide receiver has been recovering from an injury and it is believed that he will be back soon. Unfortunately for Brown, his return might have to wait, as he is now being accused of faking his vaccination status as a way to skirt all of the NFL's health protocols.

In a report from the Tampa Bay Times, Brown's former chef Steven Ruiz accused the wide receiver of asking him to purchase a fake vaccination card, which was then submitted to the Buccaneers, unbeknownst to them. As Ruiz explains, he was offered $500 for the card although he wasn't able to come through. Instead, Brown reportedly got the card from someone else. Now, Ruiz is exposing the wide receiver as Brown reportedly owes the chef $10,000.

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