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Do we need it Black Ink Houston

Van Johnson & Ceasar Emanuel Announce Black Ink Houston Is On The Way

Over the season, viewers saw the friendship of Ryan Henry and Van Johnson go from good friends to being enemies. The same goes for Ryan and Ceaser Emanuel.

Ryan and Van have had an up and down relationship, mainly over a lack of respect and loyalty, amongst other issues. These issues eventually led Ryan to fire Van from the ”9 Mag” tattoo shop. On the most recent season of ”Black Ink Crew: Chicago,” we saw Ryan and Van being cordial as they came together for Van’s daughter’s 18th birthday party. However, when it comes to Ryan and Ceaser, that’s a different story.

These men fell out after Ryan started dating Miss Kitty, which is Ceaser’s ex-girlfriend. It also didn’t help Ryan lied to Ceaser about the situation. Its going get crazy #staytune

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